Vendor Information Puyallup

You are invited to the largest toy show that we have ever assembled at the Washington State Fair and Events Center.  Toys will fill up the 82,000 sq. ft. Showplex with over 400 tables of vintage and modern toys from sellers across the state.  Come be a part of the fun.

Pricing and Features

Sharing vendor space is not allowed.  Priority is given to returning sellers, Summer Con Vendors, and vintage toy sellers.

Booth Space

  • 10′ x 10′ space with chair
  • 2 Vendor Passes
  • No booth sharing
  • Single Booths are Inline
  • Corners are purchased separately
  • Tables can be ordered at cost separately
  • Limit of SIX booth spaces per seller

Add Corners

  • Price is per Corner requested
  • Add a corner to your Inline Booth Space
  • Limit one corner for single Inline Booth Space
  • Limit two corners for two or more Booth Spaces
  • No islands configurations
  • Corners are not guaranteed

Add Tables

  • Rent Tables for your Booth Space
  • 8′ x 30 tables
  • Table coverings provided while supplies last

Sharing vendor space is not allowed.  Priority is given to vintage toy sellers.

Vendor Application

Applications are now open for the Puyallup show.

Vendor Floorplans

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Vendor Status

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